The expert in anything was once a beginner


A.Dolzan Language Consultant § My Qualifications

academic qualifications & further professional development 

§ after being awarded a very generous price by the Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore for my short story "Futurama o Sacrificio_d_love" in 2008, I decided to "reinvest" part of the sum in my lifelong education. 
As I had begun trying my hand at journalism a couple of years before, and I really enjoyed it, I chose to attend the then brand-new post-graduate course in Journalism Translation & Copy Editing at the Roman LUISS Business School. 
As the course was held by the Italian weekly Internazionale & their editorial staff, the programme mainly revolved around English > Italian editing & translations.  

More than the course, I enjoyed the ensuing 3-months training & internship as a journalism translator with the Rome-based but internationally renowned press agency IPS  .

 § In 2002 I graduated at the SSLMIT - Scuola di Lingue e Letterature, Traduzione & Interpretazione (Faculty of Translation & Interpretation)
english & Spanish are my main foreign languages since 1998, 
but I have also studied German from elementary school (!) to 1995, when I got my degree in translation & business correspondence at this very same university in Forlì. 
Things were so different back then that only university curricula have changed, but even the faculty name is almost unrecognizable - and way too long to bother besides SSLMIT)!  

I spent the academic year 1997-1998 at the University of Warwick, as an Erasmus international exchange student. There, I attended courses of Spanish and sociology, I worked as a temp on campus and took on a couple of other jobs to support myself.
Low cost flying didn't exist in those days, and life wasn't easy in Coventry. 
But I still value my work experience at the Red Rooster! Its loud customers and not-exactly-lounge-bar-ambience are spot on now that I take part to an in-prison newsroom project here in Trento!

§ Lifelong Learning
To make a long story short, I will list here the main non-academic courses I have attended 

2012-2013 education programme in multicultural psychology & counseling (Trento)

2012 voluntary correctional activities (Trento)

2011 International Grundtvig workshop on multiculturalism through food and European eating habits & traditions Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme (Berlin)

2009 educational training on vocal hygiene and public speaking (Trento)

2008-2010 creative writing courses and workshops (Trento)


* open source translation course

* women’s entrepreneurship course & internship training
* Journalism history & writing techniques

*sustainable construction and development co-operation

* Portuguese, sustainable tourism & international cooperation

1998-1999 L. da Vinci EU LLP vocational training in Portugal:

intensive course of Portuguese in Lisbon & 2 months internship in hotel*** in