The expert in anything was once a beginner


When Things get Tough the Tough eat Chocolate

§ Confessions of a chocolate-chomping teacher 

I never believed chocolate gives you pimples. 2015 is my year to prove it
Last September they sent me to teach in a mountain village: 54 km from home.
Since then, I've been commuting 4 times a week, sometimes 5.
The alarm clock at 5 am, insomnia, mountain roads with bends and curves, loud students, fatigue, temperature, hundreds of bucks on gasoline, fools overtaking you in tunnels or on a snowy bend, trucks slagging uphill at 30 km/h + rain, fog, cold, snow...
No way.
No way I could have made it without chocolate and be here to tell the tale.
110 km driving per day
440 km driving per week
1,760 km driving per month
15,840 kilometers by car in a school year 
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